Representing Clients In TSA Precheck And Global Entry Matters

Traveling by air has become a much more complicated process since 9/11. Security has been made much stronger at airports throughout the country, and this has increased the potential difficulties that someone may face during their travels. Those who travel internationally face additional hurdles when going through customs.

Various agencies deal with issues related to air travel, and they have several programs that make things easier for those travelers who qualify, the most common of which are the TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry programs.Because of the careful screening involved, it is possible that your valid application could be rejected for some reason.

The attorneys at McAdoo Gordon & Associates, in Washington, D.C., represent travelers who encounter difficulty during and after the application process.

Our TSA Pre-Check Practice

The TSA Pre-Check program has been very popular with individuals who travel frequently. Those who qualify for Pre-Check status have separate security lines at major airports, which reduces the amount of time they have to wait in line.

TSA Pre-Check is available to passengers for a small fee, and if approved, the status lasts for five years. However, the TSA may decide to terminate status at any time. If your Pre-Check application has been denied or your status has been revoked, our attorneys will help you pursue all available options in order to gain TSA Pre-Check approval.

Helping Obtain Global Entry Status

The Global Entry program allows individuals to enter into the U.S. without having to go through customs. The advantage it provides is that it can seriously cut down long waiting times for those who are returning back after trips to foreign countries.

Travelers must apply and pay a fee in order to obtain Global Entry approval. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may deny or revoke Global Entry status. Our lawyers assist those individuals who have had their applications rejected or permissions revoked for various reasons.

How We Can Help With Your Case

Our attorneys will work together with you to determine the potential options that are available depending upon your situation. If your application has been denied, we can advocate on your behalf. Additionally, if you have lost your approval status, we can pursue the appropriate course of action with the agency involved.

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