Representing Individuals And Companies With Security Clearances

For individuals and companies seeking to do business with three-letter agencies of the federal government, such as the DoD, DOJ, CIA, NSA, NRO or with the Foreign Service or State Department, security clearances are essential. Without security clearance for you or your company, you will not be allowed to work for the government or bid on contracts. Additionally, the loss of a security clearance for an established employee or contractor could result in the loss of your livelihood.

The lawyers at McAdoo Gordon & Associates, in Washington, D.C., have served as a guide to many individuals and companies that need assistance with various aspects of the clearance process. From the initial application stages through litigation involving a clearance that has been revoked, our experienced attorneys have the knowledge that you can rely upon when you encounter challenges in your case.

Knowledgeable Consultants Regarding The Application Process

The application to obtain a security clearance is a very thorough document. You will need to be comprehensive in your responses to the questions on the documents. Any information that is left out could potentially harm your ability to obtain the clearance that you require in order to perform your designated responsibilities. The attorneys at McAdoo Gordon & Associates are experienced in advising security clearance applicants who are completing the questionnaires and throughout the application process.

During the security clearance application process, an agency may send you written questions, called interrogatories. These interrogatories may ask you to provide additional information or documentation, or may ask you to verify the information contained in the report of your interview with the clearance investigator.

The way you answer the interrogatories will play an important role in determining whether your clearance application will be granted. Thus, it is extremely important that you fully and correctly respond to the interrogatories. If you get any written questions about your clearance case, you should talk to an attorney who can assist you with preparing your responses.

Helping Companies Gain Security Clearance

Many companies have little or no experience in facilities security clearance procedures. There is no appeal from facilities clearance denial. When you need to succeed, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help your company gain and keep your security clearance.

We advise corporate clients in the areas of security clearance requirements and corporate compliance requirements. We have created compliance codes and security programs to ensure companies qualify for security clearances and meet eligibility criteria for accessing sensitive compartmented information (SCI).

When Your Clearance Is At Risk

Our lawyers frequently represent government contractors and employees facing administrative sanctions, including revocation of security clearances. Each agency has its own adjudication arm; for example, the Department of Defense uses the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) for DOD contractor cases.

We provide representation at administrative hearings for individuals who have received a notice of security clearance denial or revocation, usually called a Statement of Reasons (SOR). There are many issues that could lead to the issuance of an SOR, such as alcohol charges, drug use, mental health counseling, financial issues and more. The advice of an experienced attorney will greatly assist you navigating these issues.

Additionally, in some circumstances, a criminal charge may result in the potential loss or revocation of a person's security clearance. If you have been charged with a crime, our attorneys can help you understand the impact that this will have on your clearance status.

Discuss Your Case With Our Experienced Team

We devote a large portion of our practice to security clearance matters. We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that apply in these cases. To arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers, please call us at 202-293-0534 or send us an email using our contact form.