Federal Employees Rights In Discipline Cases

Federal employees across all departments and at all levels enjoy, to a large degree, employment security and great benefits. But federal employees are also subject to considerable bureaucratic rules and regulations. If you run afoul of a regulation, during the course of your employment, you may find yourself in a fight for your federal employment rights — which you may not fully understand and which you may be unprepared to defend.

The attorneys at McAdoo Gordon & Associates, located in Washington, D.C., are experienced legal advisors for current and former federal employees. We have a long record of successfully defending federal employees' rights before agencies, administrative appeals boards and in the federal courts.

Various Employee Rights Matters That We Handle

We represent federal employees with discipline cases at all federal agencies, including:

  • The State Department and USAID
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • General Services Agency (GSA)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • National Security Agency (NSA).

Additionally, McAdoo Gordon & Associates is one of a handful of firms routinely referred cases by the American Foreign Service Association for personnel, suitability and clearance cases including cases before the Foreign Service Grievance Board (FSGB). Our understanding of the issues facing these employees puts us in position to be able to fight to protect your future.

Schedule Your Consultation With An Experienced Lawyer

If you are facing discipline by your federal employer, you need an experienced attorney to represent you before the agency and intra-agency or administrative boards such as the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and the FSGB. Call our office today at 202-293-0534 or send us an email to talk to us about your case.