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Washington DC Security Clearance Lawyers

Representing Individuals and Companies

For companies seeking to do business with 3-letter agencies of the federal government, such as the DoD, DOJ, CIA, NSA, NRO or with the Foreign Service or State Department, security clearances are essential. Without security clearance for your company and your employees, you will not be allowed to bid on contracts.

Likewise a security clearance is required for many individuals who work for a government agency or a contractor. Loss of that clearance will result in loss of the job.

The security clearance lawyers at McAdoo Gordon & Associates help individuals and companies navigate the clearance process.

Clearance Consulting

If you or your company are in the process of applying for security clearance but have concerns, contact a Washington, DC security clearance attorney at McAdoo Gordon & Associates. For a flat fee, we will consult with your firm regarding problem areas, strategies to overcome those problems, and the likelihood of success for your application.

During the security clearance application process, an agency my send you written questions, called Interrogatories. These Interrogatories may ask you to provide additional information or documentation, or may ask you to verify the information contained in the report of your interview with the clearance investigator. The way you answer the Interrogatories will play an important role in determining whether your clearance application will be granted. Thus, it is extremely important that you fully and correctly respond to the Interrogatories. If you get any written questions about your clearance case, you should talk to an attorney who can assist you with preparing your responses.

We at McAdoo Gordon & Associates advise individuals and small and medium-sized corporate clients in the areas of security clearance requirements and corporate compliance requirements. We have created compliance codes and security programs to ensure companies qualify for security clearances and meet eligibility criteria for accessing sensitive compartmented information (SCI).

Company Clearances

Many small and medium-sized companies have little or no experience in facilities security clearance procedures. There is no appeal from facilities clearance denial. When you need to succeed, the attorneys at McAdoo Gordon & Associates have the knowledge and experience to help your company gain clearance.

Security Clearance Litigation

We at McAdoo Gordon & Associates represent government contractors and employees facing administrative sanctions, including revocation of security clearances. Each agency has its own adjudication arm; for example, the Department of Defense uses the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA). We provide representation at administrative hearings for individuals who have received a notice of revocation or security clearance denial.

Criminal charges can lead to denial or revocation of security clearance. McAdoo Gordon & Associates' attorneys provide criminal defense for individuals facing felony and misdemeanor charges and white collar crime. Contact McAdoo Gordon & Associates, P.C. , for legal defense when your government security clearance is at stake.

Learn more about security clearance cases Washington, DC attorneys at McAdoo Gordon & Associates have successfully handled.

Contact a Washington, DC security clearance attorney at McAdoo Gordon & Associates, P.C, providing legal services to individuals and corporations working with or for governmental entities at the federal or state level.

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