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Washington, DC security clearance lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon has built a legal practice with one goal in mind: to provide sound legal counsel and effective representation at a reasonable price to individuals and small and medium-sized companies.

Over a dozen years of law practice experience and prior experience as a Special Agent for the Department of Defense conducting background investigations for clearances lay the groundwork for this successful legal practice.

Contact McAdoo Gordon & Associates, P.C to discuss your legal needs in the areas of:

Security Clearance Services

The advice of an experienced investigator and attorney rolled into one will greatly assist you in the clearance process and suitability process.

  • Consultations - Get advice about

    (1) Completing the questionnaires (SF-86, 85 and 85P)
    (2) Preparing for the process
    (3) Dealing with problems such as alcohol charges, drug use, mental health counseling, criminal record, financial issues and more

  • Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals cases (DOHA)

  • All other federal government agencies - clearance cases (NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, DOJ, NRO, NGA, State Department, DOD, etc.)

  • Assistance with the Facility Security Clearance Process for businesses

Defense Services

Cases involving the government can touch your life in many ways. A government agency can be your employer, your customer, the agency holding your security clearance, the agency investigating you or your company, the agency proposing to suspend or debar you or your company from government contracting, or the agency prosecuting or threatening to prosecute you or your company. If you have any legal case where the government is on the other side, you need a smart, skilled attorney with experience handling these kinds of cases.

If you or your company is already under investigation, or at risk of being suspended or debarred from contracting, or losing security clearances, defensive services are available.

Contact a Washington, DC security clearance lawyer at McAdoo Gordon & Associates, P.C, providing legal services to individuals and companies with cases involving the government.

Legal Services for Attorneys

Sometimes lawyers also need legal counsel, advice, or representation

Contact a Washington, DC security clearance lawyer at McAdoo Gordon & Associates, P.C. providing legal services to individuals and companies with cases involving government.

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McAdoo Gordon & Associates, P.C. handles cases involving security clearance issues, corporate compliance, and administrative sanctions - including suspension and debarment. We at McAdoo Gordon & Associates have litigation experience at the trial and appellate levels.
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